Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Amy moved to Boston 3 years ago and is currently completing her studies in Biology at Northeastern University. Coming from a background of dance and competitive sport, fitness was something she was always keen on. After discovering spin a few years ago, she was immediately hooked by the energetic, music-fueled workout and the feeling of community both on and off the bike. Immediately, she knew that she had found her tribe on the spin bike and knew that riding on the podium was written in the stars. Fast forward a few years, she is a certified spin instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics and can't wait to sweat it out with you! Off the bike, you can find her doing rad things in a research lab, pulling some very extra dance moves when she finds fresh music or experimenting with delicious vegan recipes.


STYLE NOTES: Amy teaches a rhythmic style of spin, choosing music that inspires people to have fun, dig deep and keep moving. She creates high-energy classes where her riders can get lost in the beat and push themselves further than they ever thought they could go. Expect tap-backs, choreography, hustles, sprints and a whole load of fun! Her contagious smile and unrelenting positive energy will leave you feeling energized, ready to come back for more!

IG: iamamywu