Rates & Policies


Rates & Policies

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We strive to stay accessible & competitive while offering you the absolute best indoor cycling experience in a friendly, welcoming setting. There's something for everyone! Try out our variety of instructors and schedule times and find the perfect fit for you. Plus, once your two weeks is complete we will send you an additional new client offer at discounted rates. It's a win win! We hope you enjoy our studio!

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ctowncycle's rhythmic ride focuses on the beat of every song. get lost in the music and let it drive you through each sprint, climb, and tap back. this class will get your heart rate up with choreographed power and endurance drills, and build upper body and core strength with push-ups, drills, and a designated arm song including light weights. expect a sweaty ride with a full body workout in a friendly, encouraging, and motivating setting. all levels are welcome.


ctowncycle's traditional ride includes interval training, hills, sprints, jumps, and other drills that focus on power, speed, and endurance. this class will not incorporate choreography (check out TEMPO 45 instead!) but will include a designated arm song including light weights. expect a sweaty ride with a challenging and energizing workout in a friendly, encouraging, and motivating setting. all levels are welcome.


A high intensity interval training (HIIT) ride condensed to 30 minutes of straight interval training. There will be NO dedicated arms song. This class is designed to promote sweat, endurance, and strength on the bike so you get that same great workout and max calorie burn in a shortened time frame. An optional cooldown will be performed outside the 30 minute mark for those that can join us! All levels welcome!


Join Caitlin for an express road-style ride where you can expect climbs, sprints, rolling hills, and jumps sprinkled into a fun, uplifting, and soulful playlist curated specific for each ride. After 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy gentle stretching and guided relaxation to help you get centered and grounded before the new week begins. Some yoga mats are available- please bring your own if you can!


Childcare is available Tues and Thurs at 9am. To sign up for childcare please reserve your ride under your account and register your child separately and purchase a childcare credit.

All children MUST BE REGISTERED in our system SEPARATE from their parents or they will not be able to attend the class. Class is limited- please register early so we know we don’t need to cancel the sitter.

If you have questions on registering your child please email

“I like that the classes incorporate a few minutes of weights to give your arms a workout. Who knew it would be so hard to lift 3 lb weights while riding a bike. I have taken classes with Kristen, Allie, Sarah, and Colleen, and they are all great!” - Liz

Corporate Rates

Looking for a new, strong, team building experience for your employees? Contact us to inquire about our corporate rates and corporate events!

Personal Event Rentals

Searching for a unique way to kick off your bridal shower, charity event or bachelor party? Grab your group and rent out the studio, we will provide the instructor and space! Inquire now!

“CCC is by far the best spin studio.  Each instructor has a unique style, which keeps each class challenging and fun.  Before taking classes at CCC I would attend spin classes sporadically as I would get bored of the same routine and songs.  But the CCC spin instructors provide a ton of variety and are always looking to keep each session new and fresh.  The studio also has such an intimate, family atmosphere.  You can really tell that the owner and instructors genuinely care about their clients and providing the best spin experience.” - Jaime

Policies & Procedures

  • Rides must be cancelled 4 hours in advance to return credit to your account, otherwise you will lose your credit. Unlimited riders will lose one day off their package period. Walk-in sign up is available but scheduling ahead of time is strongly encouraged.

  • Please note the EXPIRATION DATE of your package.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class. Bikes will be given to wait-listers 3 minutes prior to start time.

  • If you are on the waitlist and do not hear from us 4 hours prior to start of class, there is still a chance that you may get a bike. There will not be an auto email after this timeframe so please contact us or show up for class assuming you have a bike to see if you can get off the waitlist. Often times we do have empty bikes.

  • Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices prior to your ride. If it is an emergency situation, just kindly put your phone on silent and keep it near you so as not to disturb others.

  • Please notify your instructor if you are new, or if you are working with any sort of injury, prior to the start of class.

  • The Club is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All doors will be locked during work out time.

  • Proper indoor cycling footwear is strongly recommended, however, it is not required. We currently have shoes for rental on a first come first serve basis for $3, or you can bring your own spin shoes or CLEAN, DRY sneakers. No outdoor footwear allowed in the spin room.

  • The studio has the right to cancel any class with less than 3 riders. Please subscribe to email updates to stay informed.

  • ***LATE CHARGE***NO EXCEPTIONS*** All UNLIMITED (monthly/annual) riders who fail to cancel within our designated cancellation window will be marked absent/late and will be charged a nominal fee of $10.00.