Kate Hoerner

Kate Hoerner

Kate Hoerner is the owner and manager of ctowncycle. Kate has been an indoor cycling instructor since 2007 and is an instructor trainer and fitness business consultant. Kate loves sharing her joy for fitness with the Charlestown community and believes that a fun and sweaty ride at ctowncycle is not only the cure for all stressful things, but it’s a great way to meet good people who quickly become great friends.

What can you expect if you ride with Kate?

Kate will work you hard, but keep you distracted with a variety of awesome music and fun drills! In Kate’s class you will sprint, climb, jump, and dance your way through a 45-minute ride that will leave you drenched in sweat!

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Ali Torrence

Ali Torrence

Ali has been a certified ACE personal trainer since 2017 and an indoor cycling instructor since 2018. She graduated from the University of Michigan and moved to Boston to attend DPT school at MGH Institute of Health Professions. Aside from indoor cycling and studying, Ali loves riding horses with her sister on the weekends, lifting weights, and walking all over Boston. 

What can you expect if you ride with Ali?

Ali loves to incorporate a combination of sprints and hills that keep you guessing, as well as some slides, jumps, tap backs, and isolations. Ali loves to use remixes in her playlists to keep them upbeat and new. 

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Hannah Clough

Hannah Clough

Hannah first discovered her love for spin when an injury sidelined her from running and she has been forever hooked to the high energy and rhythmic experience! After playing collegiate field hockey, Hannah turned to running to stay active and since then has run multiple marathons with spin becoming a part of her training routine. While a pharmaceutical process engineer by day, Hannah can also be found in the kitchen cooking up new recipes, exploring the outdoors, and of course always looking for new ways to sweat and people to do it with. Excited to share her passion for fitness, Hannah loves a good challenge and you'll be sure to get one in her class. Her goal is for you to leave feeling strong, confident, and sweaty!

What can you expect if you ride with Hannah?

Hannah's class is a perfect mix of traditional and rhythm cycling. You will find yourself on hills and sprints, but also doing lots of jumps, slides, and choreography to keep that heart rate escalated!

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Beth Wilson-Shunta

Beth Wilson-Shunta

Beth comes to Boston from outside of Detroit, Michigan. Her love of athletics has always fed into a balanced offset to her creative side. Beth works as an architect and finds indoor cycling an excellent outlet to the daily routine. She has been an instructor since 2017 and is excited to share this passion with others

What can you expect if you ride with Beth?

Beth rides to beat of the music and incorporates a wide spectrum of interval training. Her class is bound to include sprints, jumps, and hills that will leave you with a workout to challenge riders of all levels.

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Lauren Robillard

Lauren Robillard

Lauren has had a passion for fitness her entire life. Starting at the young age of 2, you could often catch Lauren doing her mom’s Jane Fonda workout videos (on VHS) from start to finish, all while in her diaper. Since then, being active and living a healthy lifestyle was something she was drawn to. You can find her taking part in a variety of classes - from boxing to barre - but has found a true love for the community, energy and beats the spin room has to offer. Outside of the studio you can find her at the park with her two pups, getting involved in volunteer events, or when it’s nice out exploring the great outdoors or at the beach!


What can you expect if you ride with Lauren?

Lauren believes that music is the key driver for a good workout, so you can anticipate a killer playlist anytime you walk into her class to get riders pumped up, working hard and having fun. Riding to the beat, you will be sure to tap-back, press, climb and sprint your way through her class -- leaving riders sweaty, feeling stronger, and coming back for more! Lauren's motto is "you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them," and challenges and inspires her riders follow this.

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Kristen Elterich

Kristen Elterich

Kristen began teaching indoor cycling in 2012 and has been with CCC since it first opened its doors.  School psychologist by day, hobby enthusiast and aspiring chef by night, Kristen’s curiosity continues to lead her down many different paths.  She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2017, and it has been a powerful influence both on and off the bike.  Kristen brings motivation, humor, and a welcoming attitude to all riders.  You will be lead through a great workout and have fun doing it!

What can you expect if you ride with Kristen?

If you ride with Kristen, you can expect to hit some sprints, jumps, and hills with little emphasis on choreography.  Her ride is perfect for any level rider!

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Erin Webster

Erin Webster

Erin first found her passion for spinning in college, and for the the last 6 years has been leading groups through energizing, powerful workouts to release endorphins, reach goals and most importantly, have fun! She is inspired by indoor cycling's ability to provide a challenging workout for any fitness level and strives to motivate riders both on and off the bike.

What can you expect if you ride with Erin?

Erin mixes in a variety of music and style to keep classes exciting -- the perfect mix of traditional and rhythm cycling! Her class is appropriate for all level of riders.

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Jenn Wenger

Jenn Wenger

Jenn brings 13 years of experience in the collegiate, private and corporate fitness and wellness sector.  She thrives as both a spin instructor and group fitness instructor for a variety of formats. Jenn has always loved leading an active lifestyle as well as helping to encourage others to find ways in which they can enjoy being active. Jenn loves everything about CCC and focuses on challenging and motivating her students to do their best and feel great about what they have accomplished!

What can you expect if you ride with Jenn?

Jenn's class is quite challenging, however her sweet demeanor will always be encouraging and motivating. Be prepared for lots of jumps, resistance training, and sweaty sprints. Those legs will be sore for days! Jenn's class is a bit more advanced, but as with all spinning classes, can be modified.

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