Lauren has had a passion for fitness her entire life. Starting at the young age of 2, you could often catch Lauren doing her mom’s Jane Fonda workout videos (on VHS) from start to finish, all while in her diaper. Since then, being active and living a healthy lifestyle was something she was drawn to. You can find her taking part in a variety of classes - from boxing to barre - but has found a true love for the community, energy and beats the spin room has to offer. Outside of the studio you can find her at the park with her two pups, getting involved in volunteer events, or when it’s nice out exploring the great outdoors or at the beach!


What can you expect if you ride with Lauren?

Lauren believes that music is the key driver for a good workout, so you can anticipate a killer playlist anytime you walk into her class to get riders pumped up, working hard and having fun. Riding to the beat, you will be sure to tap-back, press, climb and sprint your way through her class -- leaving riders sweaty, feeling stronger, and coming back for more! Lauren's motto is "you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them," and challenges and inspires her riders follow this.

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